Choosing to study abroad is one the biggest and best decisions you’ll make. If you’re given the choice, deciding where to go and making your application will take time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have one of the best experiences of your life, if you’ve left your application until the last minute an assignment writing service will be able to help. Here are five reasons why the US remains one of the most popular destinations for international students and students on study abroad schemes.

International Reputation

There are so many universities in the US which offer world-class facilities and courses across a range of subject matters. Some of the best-ranked universities, and most famous, include Columbia, Havard and Yale. However, the American education system is regarded as one of the best in the world, giving students the chance to grow professionally and academically, so being able to put your time at an American university on your CV will be recognised as a prestigious achievement, regardless of whether you get into a top university or not.

Flexible Learning

The choices available at universities in the US are endless. Although most undergraduate courses offer a structured program, which will students dividing their time between taught classes, practical activities and independent study, there is so much choice in the different classes you can take. Some universities will even let you combine courses from other fields in your first year, giving you the opportunity to find something you’re really passionate about. Students are sure to find something that develops their personal and professional interests at a US university.

Diverse Cultures

At any US university you’ll find a huge number of international students from across the globe. This makes it fairly easy to adapt and overcome culture shock, which is a common problem for international students. Making friends from around the world will make you a better-rounded person, as well as giving you plenty of reasons to travel in the future!

Endless Opportunities

The campuses in the US are so big it’s like living in a student town. You’ll never be short of something to do, people to meet and activities to try. Remember, Americans take their football very seriously so you’ll have to attend at least one game during your time abroad. As well as life on campus being exciting and jam-packed, there’s the rest of America to explore during spring break.

Career Prospects

Employers in just about every sector you can think of value students who have studied abroad. As well as your official qualifications, moving to a new country equips you with a number of lifelong skills, from adaptability to confidence. Students who speak more than one language will have an extra edge over their fellow graduates, as communication skills across languages are hugely sought after in our ever-connected world. To really up your chances of walking straight into work after you’ve graduated, take advantage of any work experience or internships you are offered while studying abroad.

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