**FILE** The Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore (Courtesy of mdta.maryland.gov)
**FILE** The Fort McHenry Tunnel in Baltimore (Courtesy of mdta.maryland.gov)

Motorists in Maryland were excessively billed at four toll locations since December 2019, a new state audit shows.

The audit revealed billing problems at the Fort McHenry Tunnel, The Francis Scott Key Bridge, the Intercounty Connector and the Hatem Memorial Bridge, Baltimore’s WBFF-TV reported.

At the Fort McHenry Tunnel, equipment malfunctions over 25 hours resulted in about 7,700 people being overbilled $84,400, WBFF reported. Additionally, numerous other drivers were incorrectly billed twice throughout the year because of cameras misreading vehicles in other lanes.

In March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Gov. Larry Hogan closed customer service centers and suspended the collection of unpaid bills. Five months later, the Republican governor stopped cash toll collection.

The Maryland Transportation Authority, which collects the toll at these locations, acknowledged the billing issues but said it “respectfully disagrees” with the audit suggesting they are indicative of a “larger, unknown problem,” WBFF reported.

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