Muriel Bowser
**FILE** D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (Courtesy of the Mayor's Office)

Recently re-elected D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser became the target of some gentle ribbing from residents after expressing her exasperation with the city’s beloved mumbo sauce.

“Is anybody else annoyed by Mumbo sauce? I wish people would stop suggesting that it is quintessential DC. I’m just saying I was a full-grown woman before I had heard of mumbo sauce! So there, I’ve said it,” Bowser said in a Facebook post last week.

Mumbo sauce is a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce served at many D.C. takeout restaurants and often eaten with chicken wings.

The social media backlash, though fairly lighthearted, came fast and furious.

“How can the mayor say she’s from Washington, DC, and she [has] not heard of Mumbo Sauce until she was an adult? That is totally crazy, ijs,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Next term DC should vote Mumbo sauce for mayor over you,” another resident wrote on Facebook.

In trying to clear up the matter with a touch of humor, a spokesperson for the mayor said Bowser “wanted to provide DC residents something to discuss on Thanksgiving beyond the midterm elections, backup quarterbacks and holiday shopping deals. All may participate in the debate; however, DC residents must lead the mumbo sauce portion.”

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