(DNA India) – In the ever-running quest to think up newer computing devices for consumers to hanker after, tech companies today are releasing increasingly intriguing products. We all know smartphones, tablets, notebooks and smartwatches. Then the smarts were added to televisions. Following this were bridge devices like the Chromecast that effectively slung digital content from diverse portable devices toward regular TVs.

Google’s latest offering, via Asus, is a little stick of a device called the Chromebit–reminiscent of the Chromecast itself, which also plugs into an HDMI port of a monitor or TV. But it does more that just play YouTube videos–it’s actually a complete computing unit that runs the Chrome operating system (the same that powers today’s ultra-portable Chromebooks). In fact its hardware consists of a processing, memory and hardware platform that is shared by today’s Chromebooks.

The aim of the Chromebit is to enable users to walk up to a TV, plug in their Chromebit, start it up and work using Internet-based apps, then simply unplug it when they’re through.


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