Coronavirus immunity has the potential to last for months or even longer, according to the findings of several recent studies.

One of the studies found that people produce antibodies against the virus lasting at least five to seven months, CNN reported Wednesday.

“We have one person that is seven months out,” Deepta Bhattacharya, an immuniobiologist at the University of the Arizona College of Medicine, told the network. “We have a handful of people that are five to seven months out.”

CNN reported Bhattacharya’s team had been working with local officials to test volunteers in Arizona since April 30, ever since they developed a blood test for coronavirus. They found antibodies to the coronavirus increased immediately after infection and then crashed, but a few cells known as B cells remained and produced antibodies that eventually increased again.

Bhattacharya’s said people who were sicker had a stronger immune response.

Two other studies also endorse the idea of long-lasting immunity, CNN reported.

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