Kobe Bryant and mother Pamela
Kobe Bryant and mother Pamela
Kobe Bryant and mother Pamela (Courtesy of TheRoot)

(The Root) — There’s a lot not to like about Kobe Bryant. For one, no matter what he does, he manages to come across as smug and arrogant, something that has been a complaint of fellow players and fans alike.

Then there’s the small detail of being accused of rape. Those charges were eventually dropped, but he ended up having to plead guilty to an unofficial crime (in the eyes of some) of cheating on his wife, which some members of the public treat as even more unforgivable. But now people seem to have found another reason to pile on Bryant, and I find myself in a position I never thought I would: defending him.

Bryant recently had his lawyers intervene to prevent his mother from auctioning off belongings from his early days as a young player. It didn’t take long before the rumor mill was abuzz that this dispute is not really over his memorabilia.

It never is.