Hundreds of supporters attend a campaign rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe at the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond on Oct. 23. (Dorothy Rowley/The Washington Informer)

Unless you’ve recently been hiding under a rock, you cannot have escaped the bombardment of television, radio, print and social media commercials and advertisements from the two candidates hoping to become the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Political pundits believe this race, which will be decided on Nov. 2, will provide critical insights as to what’s to come as the nation prepares for the midterm elections next fall.

And while only a few states, including both Virginia and New Jersey, will elect their next governor next week, watching from the sidelines has proven to be both fascinating and in some instances, disheartening.

As has always been the case, The Washington Informer does not endorse candidates. Still, we seek to provide credible news stories which share insights for our readers, Blacks in particular, into the backgrounds, minds, platforms and political ideologies of candidates seeking office for seats within the greater Washington area.

Political affiliation does not limit our efforts or impact our resolve to secure interviews. But sometimes, as a Black-owned publication, we find ourselves either put on hold, outright ignored or welcomed with lukewarm interest by certain candidates.

Nonetheless, we seek to get answers — information vital to our readers — the real deal.

That’s why we find ourselves somewhat concerned about the mudslinging that has dominated the governor’s race in the Commonwealth. Finger-pointing has occurred on both sides. But specifics have often been few and far between.

While McAuliffe has been more receptive to our inquires and given us access to several of his rallies, we still have concerns and a few questions which remain unanswered.

As for Youngkin, as our efforts to speak with him have been greeted with tepid responses, we cannot say much more than what we’ve read or heard. Is he an independent thinker or a willing clone or protégé of former President Trump, as McAuliffe alleges? We cannot objectively answer such questions.

What we do know is Virginia is essential in the frequent collaborative initiatives between the leaders of Virginia, Maryland and the District and which often either benefit or hamper the lives of those who live in the DMV.

We hope voters will be mindful of this as they go to the polls. Further, we urge voters to seek answers to the questions and concerns which matter most for them and their families and not allow themselves to be influenced by partisan politics or promises made by either candidate which are not accompanied by a salient plan of action.

Your vote matters. Make it count.

WI Guest Author

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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