Courtesy of the City of College Park via Facebook
Courtesy of the City of College Park via Facebook

Voters in the Prince George’s County cities of College Park, Greenbelt and Laurel elected a few new members Tuesday to their respective city councils.

Three new people will serve on city council in College Park after three council members chose not to seek re-election, according to preliminary results.

Unofficial results show College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn received more than twice the votes of the second-place candidate with nearly 1,500 votes to retain his seat as the city’s lead official.

An official tally will be posted on the city’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

In Greenbelt, Colin Byrd received the third-most votes and will be the only new member on the city council. Councilman Konrad Herling didn’t seek re-election, according to the unofficial tally.

Greenbelt residents also overwhelmingly approved to borrow $2.5 million to repair the Greenbelt Lake Dam. Legislation to lower the voting age from 18 to 16 was narrowly approved, 1,215-1,070.

Greenbelt will hold a meeting Monday to make the votes officials.

Voters in Laurel chose at least one new person to represent the city’s Ward 1.

Councilman H. Edward Ricks needed to earn one of the top two spots, but fell short with 451 votes, 16 fewer than Carl DeWalt, who finished second. Councilwoman Valerie Nicholas garnered the most votes with 480.

Councilwoman Donna L. Cary of Ward 2 was the only incumbent to not seek re-election, according to a sample ballot. Councilman Frederick Smalls and Keith Sydnor represented the top two vote-getters in that ward.

Laurel’s city council will hold a special meeting Thursday to certify all the votes.

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