Delivering safe, affordable, reliable, clean-burning natural gas has been Washington Gas’ mission since our founding in the District of Columbia 170 years ago. We’re proud to call the District home and be an essential and dependable part of our customers’ lives every day as they heat their homes and prepare their meals.

In delivering gas safely — our number one priority — we take every step to ensure our infrastructure is maintained to improve system reliability and reduce environmental impacts, all while meeting or exceeding the highest standards of safety and quality to better serve our customers. In Washington, D.C., our accelerated pipeline replacement program called PROJECTpipes enables Washington Gas to enhance our system while maintaining excellent service.

Progress with PROJECTpipes since June of 2014 has been steady and promising. We replaced approximately 13 miles of pipe and 3,000 service lines. In addition, Washington Gas reduced greenhouse gases released from our distribution system by an estimated cumulative reduction total of 5,674 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions. This is the equivalent of 989 homes’ electricity use for one year. Last December, we filed the second phase of PROJECTpipes with the PSC so that we can continue our work to replace aging infrastructure across the District to enhance safety and increase system reliability while further reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building on the last five years of work.

We know that our work in your neighborhood can be disruptive. We will do all we can to minimize the impact. PROJECTpipes often requires excavation work affecting streets, sidewalks, public space and sometimes private property. As a property owner, we understand that you take great pride and enjoyment in your home. We want you to know that we take restoration very seriously and your community and property will be rehabilitated to its pre-construction condition.

Throughout the restoration process, you can count on Washington Gas to:

Respect – your property as if it was our own;
Restore – your landscaping to an as-found condition after the replacement work has been completed on your property, weather permitting;
Repairs – make temporary repairs to “hard surfaces,” such as streets, sidewalks and driveways, while work is in progress to make your neighborhood safe;
Restoration – complete final restorations to hard surfaces after all services in an area are complete, typically within 8-12 weeks, as weather allows; and,
Comply – comply with the DC Department of Transportation standards and requirements for roadway restoration.

If you have questions regarding our restoration process, please call the PROJECTpipes Hotline at 202-624-6400, email or visit

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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