(Forbes) – In 2009, Alan Schaaf launched Imgur from his dorm at Ohio University as a way to share images online without limits. Now more than 60 billion images are viewed on Imgur per month and it is one of the top 50 largest websites in the world. Imgur has been generating revenue primarily through ads and Pro accounts. However, Imgur recently announced that its Pro features are now available for free.

Imgur’s Pro tools used to cost $3 per month with a discount at $24 per year. Imgur users upgraded to Imgur Pro to have ads removed, to access advanced analytics and to have less file size limitations for sharing images. Even though Imgur Pro is available for everyone, the ads will remain in place.

What features do all Imgur users have now? Imgur used to cap free users at 225 image uploads, but now you can store an unlimited number of images in your account. Users will receive multiple thumbnail options on all uploads. After uploading an image, users will be able to track the total image views over time, graph image views by data range, see the top traffic referral sources and get detailed traffic referral paths within each top referral source. Imgur’s Pro users were able to host images up to 10MB size, whereas free users were capped at 5MB. Now every Imgur user is capped at 5MB, unless you are uploading an animated GIF at up to 200MB.


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