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Washington Gas has been proud to call the District of Columbia home for the last 171 years, and we are honored to deliver safe, affordable, reliable, clean-burning natural gas so that DC residents can heat their homes and prepare their meals each and every day. To improve system reliability and reduce environmental impacts, we have been busy working throughout the District on our long-term, accelerated pipeline replacement program, PROJECTpipes, which allows Washington Gas to modernize our infrastructure and enhance our system all while maintaining excellent service.
Our commitment to enhancing our natural gas service system while maintaining safety is a number one priority. We are also firmly dedicated to minimizing disruption to city streets and property as well as ensuring we properly restore the area where we’ve conducted replacement work. At every turn, we strive to be the best partners to the City in how we carefully approach and coordinate our day-to-day operations in the field.
Benefits and scope of pipeline replacement in DC
Through our completion of Phase 1 PROJECTpipes work, Washington Gas has created an estimated 616 full time jobs, added Gross Domestic Product in the District of Columbia at an estimated $57.6 million, and reduced greenhouse gases (GHG) released from its distribution system by an estimated cumulative reduction total of 5,674 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions, which is the equivalent of 989 homes’ electricity use for one year.
We are seeking approval for phase 2, which proposes to replace approximately 22 miles of pipe and 8,274 service lines by December 31, 2024. Washington Gas has proposed a plan to the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia that will prioritize the selection and timing of replacing certain types of facilities within specific categories, based on their relative risk, construction efficiencies, and other factors using proven pipeline integrity evaluation and risk assessment tools.
Working with care to minimize disruption, focus on restoration in all neighborhoods
We know that our work in your neighborhood can be disruptive. We will do all we can to minimize the impact. For example, PROJECTpipes often requires excavation work affecting streets, sidewalks, public space and sometimes private property. As a property owner, we understand that you take great pride and enjoyment in your home. We want you to know that we take restoration very seriously and your community and property will be rehabilitated to its pre-construction condition.
Before our paving crew begins their work, they will notify your neighborhood in advance by posting signs or placing door hangers on your door, and in some cases, when paving work will be in the roadway, will post “no parking” signs in areas as needed.  Our representative will also coordinate with you to address any restoration issues needed to be performed in your yard. We aim to restore your landscaping to an as-found condition as soon as possible after the replacement work has been completed on your property, weather permitting. Depending upon the weather, scope, and the extent of restoration, the work can be completed, typically within 8-12 weeks.
If you have questions regarding our restoration process, please call the PROJECTpipes Hotline at 202-624-6400, email or visit

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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