Johnathon P. Hardaway III is one of the country’s best attorneys and sports agents. Mr. Hardaway has represented individuals and companies faced with a broad array of dilemmas in both the US and Canada.

Mr. Hardaway has represented hundreds of clients. Most of his new clients are referred to him by satisfied prior clients. Indeed, Mr. Hardaway has a reputation for high levels of client satisfaction.

“Johnathon Hardaway has a track record of achieving exceptional results for clients,” says Erick Mack, Managing Counsel and an attorney at Tesla, Inc., an American automaker based in Palo Alto, California. “When it comes to his clients, John is not only always passionate but also meticulous with his legal representation.”

Mr. Hardaway is likewise a certified contract advisor or as it is more commonly known a sports agent. Over the past decade, Mr. Hardaway has represented dozens of professional athletes. As both a sports agent and lawyer, Mr. Hardaway is in the rare position of sitting at the intersection of both the legal industry and sports industry. Mr. Hardaway regularly advises professional athletes faced with serious legal problems.

The tireless advocacy of Mr. Hardaway is reflected in the extensive list of multimillion-dollar contracts, settlements and trial verdicts. “I offer my clients both experience and a proven track record,” Mr. Hardaway notes. “My successes are evidence of the positive impact I have had in my clients’ lives.”

Mr. Hardaway attended the University of Chicago Law School, Carnegie Melon University MBA school, and Howard University Business School.

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  1. John Hardaway has represented me for several years as my sports agent and attorney, through multiple team negotiations and multiple family law proceedings with multiple children and women. John is responsive, aggressive, and he is an expert in the law. John is never afraid to fight for me. John prices are very fair. I highly recommend him!

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