More than 500 professionals and business leaders are expected to participate in the 2019 staging of the Global Leadership Summit (GLS).

The annual conference, under the theme “Inspire, Transform, Influence,” will be held over two days at venues in Kingston and St. James.

Activities begin on Oct. 25 at the Hope Fellowship Church, 23 Molynes Road, before moving to the Montego Bay Convention Centre on Nov. 7, according to a Jamaica Information Services (JIS) press release.

GLS is organized by Jamaica Link Ministries (JLM), in partnership with Global Leadership Network (GLN) and local entities, and is designed to help leaders in business, communities and the church to become more effective.

Addressing a recent think tank at the JIS’s Regional Office in Montego Bay, Rev. Hector Falconer, president of JLM and Chairman of GLN Jamaica, said the conference “is not just an event, it is a catalyst for change and a resource to be leveraged to transform your community.”

“The GLS ignites conversation, but it also offers solutions for leaders at any and every level and inspires a grander vision,” Falconer said. “So as leaders get better, our organizations, communities, citizens and our country will get better.”

He noted that the summit “is unique in that we are using technology to make world-class leadership training accessible in a first-class environment.”

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