Action from the 30x30 Select Combine (Courtesy of Ricky Goings/Everyone Deserves a Shot)
Action from the 30x30 Select Combine (Courtesy of Ricky Goings/Everyone Deserves a Shot)

Ricky Goings does more than his fair share for the D.C. community by using basketball as a catalyst for excellence.

Through the Legend Coalition Basketball League, Everyone Deserves a Shot Organization and Why Not Us Project, the Greenbelt, Maryland, resident provides hoopers of all ages the opportunity to prosper, whether in the open gym or in front of college field houses.

The Legend Coalition basketball league, founded by Goings and former Utah Jazz and Virginia Tech player Brian Chase, is run by Goings along with Marcellus Bowie, founder of Legit Stats Sports. The league showcases former DMV-area high school basketball players 30 and older, which they hope will spark the interest of younger players to remain active.

“Around the city, you see rec centers and courts empty, so if they come to the league and see the old guys playing, it will make them want to come out,” Goings said.  “A lot of people don’t realize that most of the legends in the city made their name on the playground before playing for their [high school] teams.”

Bowie’s Legit Stats Sports provides advanced statistics for the league that creates an interactive experience for fans.

The Goings-organized Everybody Deserves a Shot features the 30×30 Select Combine, held every third Saturday in March for the past three years. The combine, held this year at Coolidge High School in Northwest, is open primarily to public high school athletes that don’t receive the exposure that private schools offer. More than 40 attendees have been offered athletic scholarships based on their performance at the combine.

“At EDAS we provide academic planning, recruitment and training, so the athletes are covered at getting better, getting their grades and getting an opportunity,” Goings said.

EDAS alumni include Andre Fox of High Point University, Georgetown’s Rodney Pryor and the No. 1 transfer in the country, Kory Holden of Delaware, who will play at the University of South Carolina this season.

The Why Not Us Project is a history lesson renewing the focus on D.C. basketball. With the goal of meshing generations of D.C. basketball together, the project pays homage to all eras and informs the public about athletes from the city.

“What most guys don’t realize is that D.C. basketball didn’t start with Kevin Durant,” Goings said. “We start the history from the ’50s and ’60s to present day, including MVPs and past All-Met players.”

Meanwhile, Goings looks to expand Why Not Us into a nonprofit organization that would focus on job development and opportunities for former D.C. athletes, as well as having the Legend Coalition league branch out to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and other major cities.

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