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An Obama-era report on sexual assault that dates back three years has been quietly removed from the White House website.

Civil rights attorney Alexandra Brodsky who was conducting research on the matter, made the discovery earlier this week — just after the Trump administration announced plans to decrease funding to the Teen Pregnancy Prevention program.

The report, titled, “Rape and Sexual Assault: Renewed Call To Action,” which can still be accessed on the website Know Your Title IX, was created by the 2014 White House Council on Women and Girls to help raise awareness of sexual assault.

According to the report’s introduction, its purpose was to “analyze the most recent, reliable data about rape and sexual assault in our country.”

The 34-page report identifies those most at risk of being victims of these crimes, examines the cost of such violence, and describes the response of the criminal justice system. The report also outlines statistics about sexual assault, the impact of assault on college campuses, how the justice system often fails survivors, and what can be done to change the status quo.

Brodsky, co-founder of the anti-sexual violence organization, Know Your Title IX, went on Twitter Thursday to share her findings, with a screenshot of her failed White House website search attempt.

“The Trump Admin has removed the 2014 White House ‘Rape and Sexual Assault: Renewed Call to Action’ report,” she wrote.

Brodsky told the Huffington Post that the report’s disappearance is similar to the removal of the page on climate change from the White House website shortly after Trump assumed office.

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