Tragedies like the one in Las Vegas and the one in Orlando will be with us for a long time but should they be followed by radical changes and laws? In the shadow of the tragic event that happened in Las Vegas, the debate shifted towards the bump stock situation, but this only happened because that’s what the shooter used to transform a semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic one.

So, the question that arises here is: do we ban guns and gun accessories only after they’ve been used in a massacre? And if so, should we start early and teach our kids that guns must be feared?

America has a long history with guns and every shift in the political structure is mirrored by the guns industry. After all, right after Trump got to power, the number of gun purchases among black people in America skyrocketed. The same happened with the general population when Obama tried to pass some stricter gun control laws – people started buying weapons.

Whenever Americans feel threaten, their main response is directly connected with gun ownership. So should authorities be discussing radical movements in this area? Isn’t this a direct way of threatening people’s freedom and rights? While there is a sense into keeping gun purchasing under control, my opinion is that it should be done the right way, by listening to public demands and not under the pressure of recent attack.

Events like this are extremely sad and unfair, but they shouldn’t shape the way we live our lives. Succumbing to fear is never a good idea and it’s not the American way – we live our lives in freedom, defending our rights and security!

Now, besides the gun control issue, some groups decided to go even further and consider airsoft guns a threat as well. The problem with these devices is that they look very realistic – actually, without the orange tip, it’s difficult to tell the difference between a real weapon and an airsoft one from a distance. I took a quick look on Goog Gun and I also noticed that airsoft weapons are powerful as well – some can even be used for hunting small game such as squirrels, rabbits and birds.

Still, even if you could save some live ammo when you’re up to scare the pests on your lawn, I don’t see the foundation behind banning these guns. They are not deadly and they don’t pose any risk if used properly.

Yes, we had a few cases when kids got in trouble because they took these guns to school, but this is a matter of education. And, speaking of education, playing with real gun replicas, is a great way to teach kids how to behave around firearms. It’s also a great way to teach them how to shoot right without any risk of accidental discharge and talk to them about responsibility.

Some parents fear that, by using an airsoft gun, their kids will grow to like shooting and this will wake some deeply buried demons. If this happens, is not because the kid had access to pretend guns, it’s because the problem was already there and it could be awakened by anything. On the contrary, most kids who play airsoft get to love the game and develop a strong hobby. The game creates a strong social connection between team players and keeps them in touch with their talents.

So, to answer the question, no, kids shouldn’t be stopped from playing airsoft with realistic-looking guns! They should be educated to respect the gun and life.

Liz Russo has been in the gun industry for many years and loves to debate new topics on guns.

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