Clarence Thomas Voted Against Obama-backed Health Care.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the longest-serving justice on the bench, was hospitalized over the weekend. 

The SCOTUS’s Office of Public Information announced Sunday that Thomas was admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital in D.C. on Friday after experiencing flu-like symptoms. He was diagnosed with an infection and his treatment included intravenous antibiotics.

The office pointed out that Thomas says he is vaccinated and boosted against the coronavirus, so the hospital stay is not COVID-19-related.

Thomas is expected to return home soon, but will not appear in person for court duties.  He’ll weigh in on cases to be considered for the court on the basis of briefs, transcripts and audio of oral arguments. 

In other Supreme Court news, watch parties are scheduled widely as the confirmation hearings for U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson begin Monday morning.

Beginning at 11 a.m., the hearings commence with 10-minute opening statements from Senate Judiciary Committee members, five-minute statements from outside introducers, and 10 minutes from Jackson herself.

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