The Washington Gas volunteer team at the AARP National Day of Service on the National Mall
The Washington Gas volunteer team at the AARP National Day of Service on the National Mall

Washington Gas has been a vital part of the Washington, D.C. community and economy for more than 170 years. In 1848, we were chartered by Congress to light the Capitol and White House and along Pennsylvania Avenue. Today our role as an energy provider, our commitment to the community, and the number and types of customers served have grown. Terry Fauntleroy has been with Washington Gas for over 30 years and witnessed this growth and numerous positive changes during his career.

Fauntleroy started as a Helper and now serves a Construction Projects supervisor: “When I first started, we didn’t have all of the Personal Protective Equipment that we have now. Safety has always been a priority, but it’s clear that it has become a true focal point for us now more than ever.”

Terry Fauntleroy, Construction Projects Supervisor at Washington Gas

Safety remains Washington Gas’ number one priority. The company continues to improve and invest in our workforce and the safety and reliability of the system, meeting or exceeding industry standards. In addition, Washington Gas responds immediately to reports of natural gas odor calls and conducts necessary repairs around the clock, seven days a week.

Fauntleroy remembers his early days working in the City for a contractor before joining the Washington Gas team, “I used to hear the Washington Gas guys talk about paid time off, retirement and other benefits and said to myself, ‘Those guys have real jobs,’” he stated. “I started working here on Oct. 17, 1988. I was young, but had an eye on the future. It was a good move. I met a lot of good people, learned a lot of new things and I haven’t really had a bad day here.”

Fauntleroy continued, “I like what I do. I’m especially proud that I’ve been able to train others and pass on what I know. Teaching others how to do their jobs has made my job easier. When we go out to an assignment, everyone knows their part and how it works with everyone else’s. Those of us with the experience and knowledge have to pass it on in order for the company to keep growing and improving.”

“One culture shift that has inspired me, especially in the last 10-15 years, is the opportunity that Washington Gas provides employees to move up the ladder and advance their career,” Fauntleroy said. “What I found is, if you make up your mind and decide you want to do something, well, Washington Gas gives you the opportunity to do it. A lot of people have grown as a result. The doors are now wide open, the lights are on to pursue opportunities within the organization.”

“I find it rewarding to lead training classes for fellow employees that cover some of the fundamentals of successfully maintaining pipeline so our team can get a first-hand understanding of best practices and the latest techniques to ensure high quality,” Fauntleroy added.

As for other benefits he’s enjoyed from his extensive time with Washington Gas, “Personally, Washington Gas has enabled me to do lot of different things,” he said. “I’ve been able to send my son to college at Howard University and my daughter to business school at Braxton in Richmond. Our company has a lot of things going on and offers a lot of opportunities.”

As Washington Gas has continued to provide safe and reliable natural gas service over the years, our customer base has grown from just serving Washington, D.C. in 1848 to 500,000 customers in 1969 to over 1.1 million customers in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia today. Dedicated employees like Terry Fauntleroy make it possible to deliver safe, reliable and efficient natural gas service to customers every day.

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