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In celebration of 20 years of the Essence Music Festival and 20 years since the end South Africa’s racially motivated apartheid, Essence magazine bought its star-studded event to South Africa.

Students In Ghana Say ‘No’ To Gandhi

In Accra, Ghana, students and academia demanded that the University of Ghana remove a statue of renowned Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi, charging the iconic leader with being historically racist toward black people.

21st International AIDS Conference Commences on “Mandela Day”

By Linda Villarosa (BAI Contributing Writer) It was entirely fitting that the 21st International AIDS Conference kicked off yesterday in Durban, South Africa, on “Mandela Day,” a global celebration of the great man’s birthday. Sixteen years ago the 13th International AIDS Conference was also held in Durban—the first time in a developing country. The event…

Why Global Terrorism Will Always Be a Domestic Problem

By Roger Caldwell (NNPA News Wire Guest Columnist) President Obama underestimated the threat of ISIS, by calling the organization a “JV team” during his 2012 election campaign. This was a miscalculation in terms of his thinking and strategy. In 2016, many countries around the globe are trying to destroy this violent extremist organization as each…

Botswanan Officials Tout Economic Success During The Country’s 50th Anniversary

By Barrington M. Salmon (NNPA News Wire Contributor) When the southern African nation of the Republic of Botswana gained independence from Britain in 1966, it was ranked as the third poorest country in the world. Through prudence, fiscal discipline and good governance, Botswana earned the reputation as one of the fastest growing economies in the…

Investigators Find Second Black Box from EgyptAir Flight 804

By Rushawn Walters (NNPA/DTU Journalism Fellow) On Friday, Egypt’s Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Committee said that the flight data recorder from EgyptAir Flight 804 has been recovered. This may be a key step in helping authorities learn what happened in those key final minutes, before air traffic controllers lost contact with the airplane and it…

Kenyan Court Says Anal Exams Legal to Determine Sex Orientation

By Victoria Jones (NNPA/DTU Journalism Fellow) A Kenyan court ruled Thursday that it is legal to use anal examinations to determine one’s sexual orientation, USA Today reports. The ruling happened despite protests against the examinations being “degrading treatment” and a form of torture. The court came to this decision after reviewing the case of two…