Extending Easter greetings to the nation on Saturday, Trinidad & Tobago Prime Minister Keith Rowley said Easter Sunday gives the world a renewed hope that is particularly required at this time, adding that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a reminder that “no matter how dark a situation, as the present may seem, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow,” The T&T Guardian reported.

“Many have doubts that Trinidad and Tobago will ever overcome the challenges before us, because of the global uncertainty,” Rowley said. “But I assure you that despite what you may see or hear, in some quarters, the Government you elected in 2020 is working toward the benefit of all the people of this country.”

He added: “The government will not give up on the mission which the citizens of this country assigned us. With your input and patience, we are going to achieve better levels of health, security and prosperity for this country together.”

He urged citizens to reflect on T&T’s history and the many hurdles the nation has overcome. He also pointed out that T&T is not the only one in the world facing socio-economic and psychological challenges caused by the pandemic as “we continue to battle with COVID-19, the acquisition of vaccines, the challenging economic circumstances, gender-based violence and other crimes.”

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