President Donald Trump (Courtesy of Trump via Facebook)
President Donald Trump (Courtesy of Trump via Facebook)

As his days in office wind down, President Donald Trump demanded over the weekend that another round of stimulus checks go out to Americans as part of a new coronavirus relief package amid months of bipartisan bickering over its cost and content.

“Right now, I want to see checks — for more money than they’re talking about — going to people,” the president said Sunday on Fox News, Newsweek reported. “I’m pushing it very hard, and to be honest with you, if the Democrats really wanted to do the deal, they’d do the deal.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) recently circulated a letter signed by several Democrats criticizing the $908 billion plan as insufficient without the direct payments. The bill would also include supplemental payments of at least $300 to unemployed workers instead of the $600 per week they received during the first round of stimulus payouts.

“Please join us in demanding that any new COVID-relief proposal includes a $1,200 direct payment to adults and $500 to their children,” the letter read. “Further, please work with us to make certain that there is no language in this bill to give a liability shield to corporations who threaten the health and safety of workers and customers.”

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