**FILE** Angel Reese (Alexander Jonesi via Wikimedia Commons)
**FILE** Angel Reese (Alexander Jonesi via Wikimedia Commons)

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LSU women’s basketball player Angel Reese was criticized for taunting Iowa star Caitlin Clark during the NCAA championship game as LSU won the title. Some believe the criticism toward Reese is unfair and shows a double standard for women, particularly Black women. What are your thoughts?

Fern Johnson, Richardson, Texas

It’s tone policing and controlling Black women. The media has always done this and continues to be a vehicle for white supremacy. All races must work together to dismantle this narrative.

Colleen Wallace, Washington, D.C.

If you’ve ever been seething with rage while maintaining your composure (for fear of being unfairly labeled) in a room full of people applying double standards … we are Angel Reese. This is your moment. Thank you, sis!

Tatyana Bell, Washington, D.C.

Someone at work tried to tell me this morning how it was tacky for Angel to do this. I said everyone seemed fine when Caitlin was doing it last week … now this week, it’s a problem.

Lynette Davis, New Orleans

All the Karens and Kens are screaming “Caitlin’s a victim” when Caitlin committed the same crime. Angel’s unapologetic-ness makes her the assailant. Well, Ken and Karen, we don’t care how you feel. LSU is the NCAA national champion. That’s it, that’s all! 

Natalie Grant, Washington, D.C.

I hope she does not apologize for her behavior and stands tall in her decision. Just keep being successful because we got you. As a Black woman, I’m tired of the double standards in society. We just really need to start supporting each other.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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