Harriet Tubman
Harriet Tubman (Wikimedia Commons)

The Biden administration has revived a plan to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Would you like to see it?

Gregory A. Henderson, Kinston, N.C.
I’m looking forward to it. It’s time out for old white men and their version of history.

Chukwuma Agbo, Akron, Ohio
Not everybody uses cash these days, anyway. … They’re pushing for a cashless society so it doesn’t even matter. It would have been nice in the ’70s. There are no perks when spending cash, unlike cards, and I can put any image on my card.

Darryl Williams, Killeen, Texas
We don’t need tokens. … Democrats are experts at empty symbolic gestures! We need the money he promised on day one in office — the $2,000 stimulus. Cut the check, Joe!

Derwin Barnett, Washington, D.C.
They would rather change the dollar than give us reparations. They think we’re dumb. Plus Jackson still going to be on the bill, so essentially Tubman is still running.

Brandon Hall, Paradise, Texas
She was an abolitionist! She wouldn’t want to be on money. He’s distracting y’all while he negotiates with Republicans about your now-$1,400 [stimulus check]! And y’all are falling for it.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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