**FILE** Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders
**FILE** Jackson State head football coach Deion Sanders

Famed University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban started controversy last week when he alleged that Deion Sanders and Jackson State University paid a top recruit to attend the HBCU. Saban also made such comments about other Division I NCAA schools, but has since apologized. What are your thoughts?

Marilyn Smith, Los Angeles

Deion is 100 times better a coach, and he’s opening the door for “Black excellence” football players. HBCU Power!

Terrence Jones, Clarksville, Tenn.

I appreciate, love and value what Coach Sanders is and has done for the whole sphere of HBCUs. Yet, Coach Saban has consistently fulfilled players’ dreams of going to the NFL. But, unfortunately, the money is making a real mockery of paying players to attend their schools. Hopefully, the system can simplify this thing where hopes of a player’s future aren’t diminished by what they can get now.

Pamela Ndiaye, Gulfport, Miss.

He is the crooked one that pays his football players to play. We need to stop sending our kids to those colleges, and then the pros will come back to our colleges.

Frankie Cummings, Washington, D.C.

Classic disinformation campaign! That’s what they do when they feel threatened. He and Trump are good friends — just saying!

William Lindsay, Washington, D.C.

He’s just mad he can’t get the best recruits. Let’s see how he does now with average recruits.

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