After the backlash against its initial actions, the NFL has fined Cleveland Brown quarterback Deshaun Watson $5 million and suspended him for 11 games this season due to sexual misconduct allegations and settlements involving over 20 massage therapists. The ruling has divided many sports fans on the precedent of such issues. What are your thoughts?

Stan Smith, Atlanta

It’s amazing how far they were willing to punish Watson. When Donald Trump was accused of sexual harassment, he was rewarded with the presidency, and I heard no outcry like this. 

Ulysses Scruse, Hartford, Conn. 

They give you all this money, but they are always waiting, watching for you to mess up! The biggest downfall that these players have is the woman syndrome! Be smart!

Tony Johnson, Washington, D.C.

Double standard by Roger Goodell and NFL owners. What suspension and fine did Robert Kraft get?

Paul Byars, Washington, D.C.

He should be banned for life. Good player, but he took advantage of his celebrity status.

Matthew Fudge, East Orange, N.J.

The contract is his shield. Even if he kneeled for the same reason Colin Kaepernick did, Watson’s contract is fully guaranteed. He got his suspension because the league has to pretend to care about women.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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