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The second round of coronavirus stimulus payments is going out to Americans, but with a significantly lower amount of $600. Many are criticizing the amount after the proposed $2,000 stimulus checks were rejected by the GOP-controlled Senate. What are your thoughts?

Leo Davis, Baltimore
This is what you get when you vote the same Congress in. It doesn’t matter who the president is. You have career politicians holding these seats for over 20 years and doing whatever. They railroad people again thinking it’s all about the president. Nope! Congress holds the power.

Penelope Jackson, Hoover, Ala.
With all that’s going on, where is the money for food, bills and enough to provide a roof over our heads?

Sharon Brown, Washington, D.C.
How long is $600 suppose to last us when a lot of people have had nothing for so long?

Angela Brady, Jackson, Miss.
We certainly deserve more, but I’ll take it.

Marvel Nelson, Pulaski, Tenn.
Well, some of us still haven’t got the “first” stimulus!

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