Courtesy of Washington Gas
Courtesy of Washington Gas

Washington Gas united recently with city officials for a ceremony to celebrate DC Infrastructure Week.

The event, hosted by the DC Infrastructure Academy in Southeast, was designed to create awareness about the fast growth of the infrastructure industry, range of services available at DCIA, and the program’s progress generating career opportunities across many sectors, including energy.

“With a 170-year history in the District of Columbia, Washington Gas is delighted to continue our collaboration with the DC Infrastructure Academy because it allows us to be a part of a stronger future for our hometown community,” said John O’Brien, Washington Gas executive vice president. “We applaud Mayor [Muriel] Bowser for her tireless determination in making this a success and delivering solid results. As a partner, Washington Gas is pleased to offer the tools, resources and expertise to help the program thrive, and to help build a pipeline for a well-qualified workforce to meet our needs.”

Washington Gas has been a sponsor and contributor to the DC Infrastructure Academy since its launch in March 2018 and continues to support the program’s aim to provide robust job opportunities to D.C. residents by conducting job training and offering company resources and industry expertise. The program is an initiative led by Mayor Muriel Bowser and her administration that includes private sector partners such as Washington Gas for curriculum development and job skills training.

Washington Gas officials stood at the event alongside D.C. leaders that included Arlen Herrell, associate director, DOES/DCIA, Dr. Unique Morris-Hughes, director of D.C. Department of Employment Services, and City Administrator Rashad Young to highlight the initiative’s momentum, successes and milestones building a brighter future for participants.

“The DC Infrastructure Academy trains D.C. residents for high-demand careers in the infrastructure industry,” Young said. “Partnerships like our agreement with Washington Gas underscore the academy’s role and our commitment to ensure our residents are ready for these opportunities.”

Hughes added that since its opening, DCIA has provided services to more than 1,500 District residents.

“As we continue to expand on workforce training opportunities and career services offered at DCIA, we know how important our partnerships are with fellow District government agencies and the business community as they play a critical role in providing residents a fair shot towards economic prosperity,” Hughes said.

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