West Virginia Wesleyan College said students who haven’t gotten a coronavirus vaccination will have to pay a $750 fee for the fall semester.
The college’s website said the $750 “COVID fee” is nonrefundable and will be charged to students who don’t show proof of vaccination or the first vaccination dose by Sept. 7, WRC-TV (Channel 4) reported.
College officials also said if students who get the coronavirus and can’t quarantine off campus will be charged an extra $250 to do so on campus, WRC reported, citing the local CBC News affiliate.
James Moore, the college’s dean, said the $750 fee “will be used to cover expenses that will come with increased testing and other resources that the college will have to utilize and deploy to keep students safe,” WRC reported.
Meanwhile, Alabama’s Birmingham-Southern College is contemplating charging $500 to account for increased fees in pandemic precautions, such as weekly testing and quarantining, NBC News reported.

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