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Shopping for a home can be stressful. Making sure the neighborhood is safe and finding the best school for your child are some of the many things to worry about when finding a home that is suitable for you. Thanks to the Internet, house hunting can be made easy. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a house you may be interested in and its surrounding neighborhood.

These six websites are great for house hunting:

1. Crimereports.com is a must if you’re concerned about the safety of your prospective neighborhood. Crime reports lists the names and addresses of all sex offenders in the area; it also displays a map that details the types of criminal activity along with the time and location of the crime.

2. Areavibes.com lets you get a feel for the neighborhood before you move there. When you enter the address, ZIP code, neighborhood or city that you want to know about, a letter grade is given in each of these areas: amenities, housing, cost of living, crime, education, housing, employment, and weather. The site even offers comparisons to national averages.