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  1. My name is Charles H. Wilson, ChairpersonSecretary of ANC-8B. I’am interested in running a monthly notice of our regular meeting and need to speak with someone who can help facilitate that.
    Please respond!

    Charles H Wilson

  2. Good morning, we are a forgotten community in ShAw formerly Lincoln Westmoreland 2, now Heritage@ Shawstation, during the entire pandemic we where left out of any Help . They went private and forgot that we where a community of fixed income, single mothers as well as people who suffer with a array of things people passed away caught COVID no one reached out to our community maybe because we are locked in like a compound we need help.

  3. I woke up Wednesday to drink my daily cup of coffee and read the paper and much to my delight was a story about a community colleague, the publisher of the Washington Informer, Denise Rolark-Barnes. Courtland Milloy did a great justice to inform the Post readership about the value of the Washington Informer and its importance to our community. Thank you Denise and WI Staff for keeping the community informed about what is happening in our community. Since we can’t be everywhere, nor talk to everybody we are blessed to rely on the Washington Informer to share our story. Thank you Denise and while I usually get my Informer from Horace and Dickey restaurant, please sign me up for a subscription, so I am sure not to miss an issue in 2022. Keep up the brave and critical work of informing our community. Fondly, Concha

  4. I read the WaPo story about the Informer and wanted to support you. The donation page is not working. Also the link on this comment page to contact you directly is not working. Please help. Thanks!

  5. Hello!

    We’re Cleo Community, a new company that aims to help women of color improve their health. We are fans of The Washington Informer and would love to receive a press kit.


  6. Re: Stacy Brown’s article on Bill Cosby. Cosby is guilty and the sexual violence he forced on several women diminishes his legacy.

  7. Hi! I am a DCPS teacher looking to find opportunities for my argument writing students to discuss credibility in writing with local journalists. Are there any opportunities to connect with a journalist virtually?

  8. To Join the Men of Color Panel today (3.3.22) @ 6:30 pm as mentioned in todays Washington Informer Spread, use the following Zoom information below. Individuals are encouraged to register.
    Black and Brown Men, We Need You!
    Come listen to professionals who look like you share their experiences in the field of social work and learn about the great work we do. Join us this evening, March 3rd @6:30 pm. Link to register below.
    Zoom ID-874-0185-2952
    Passcode: 658598

  9. To Join the Scholarship informational (3.10.22) @ 6:30 pm as mentioned in todays Washington Informer Spread, use the following Zoom information below. Individuals are encouraged to register. Catholic Charities Compass Program

    Want to know how you can receive a scholarship to attend one of the country’s most prestigious social work graduate program, The Catholic University of America? Please join us at our virtual information session, March 10th @6:30 pm. Registration is encouraged. Link Below

  10. Hello,

    We’re interested in promoting our products & services across your sites with banners and articles.

    Question: What are your promoted banner and article costs?

    Question: Can you send me a media kit or a list of all of the advertising options that you offer.

    Question: Do you have a publishing company that you work with? If so how do I contact them?

    We sent you an email before, not sure if you received it.

    I look forward to establishing long term campaigns with your organization.

    Let me know.


    Eric Torriente
    Pixel Source, Inc.

  11. How can I get my loved ones notice of death/obituary posted in your newspaper; and how much does it cost?

  12. Hello,

    Going through past issues of The Washington Informer at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library Archives, I found a small article which I would like to share online. Would that be okay? How should I credit the article?

  13. Liberalism is a disease of the heart and mind. It is a dangerous and failed ideology that rewards laziness and incompetence, but punishes hard work and success. It is a severely skewed concept of fairness; that takes from one and gives to another whether deserving or not. It favors special interest groups over individual liberty. It is the entire opposite of what our founding fathers had in mind. It is a system of entitlements that results in supply causing demand instead of the opposite. It is fiscally reckless and morally misdirected. It says it promotes tolerance and equality, but the result is racism and class warfare. It is a false belief that mankind can evolve for the better and that government can socially engineer a utopia. It is a cancer that spreads if left unchecked.

    1. I would like to know why The Informer is not delivered at Veterans Administration Hospital at 50 Irving Street NW and have a news box that gone. And I would like to know what happened I enjoy reading the Informer and also delivery the Informer to my next door neighbor. The Informer is very powerful information that information I didn’t know. .

    It’s with this word that we are filing an international federal lawsuit before the International Court of Justice, over the assassination of the Haitian head of state on July 7, 2021 done by a group of 26 heavily-armed terrorists. For proper investigation we are putting under arrest the President’s Cabinet, Presidential Security, the government opposition leaders. We demand right now the removal of the immunity of all foreign presidents and diplomats involved in this conspiracy to be on trial before the International Court of Justice, because Haiti is a victim of an international plot that includes several countries of the UN and the EU. We demand an investigation on Immigration Control Agents who let those hitmen get so easily in our country to commit this crime by assassinating the Haitian president which is an act of war. We are taking legal action against these countries involved in this international hate crime against Haiti. We urge the International Criminal Court (ICC) to issue global arrest warrant for those criminals, but until now no follow up has been made public. So, Please help us to get JUSTICE FOR HAITI BEFORE THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE.

  15. There is something about the recent SCOTUS ruling on abortion that puzzles me. Why isn’t every lawyer with half a brain clamoring to have every justice that voted to overturn Roe charged with the following violation of the US Code

    923. 18 U.S.C. § 371

    for conspiring to defraud the public concerning the original intent of the 13th amendment to the U. S. Constitution? They have 4 to 8 clerks each, the research staff and full resources of the Library of Congress right next door, so how could they have failed to study the original intent of the 13th amendment, which conveyed the unfettered right to an abortion to every black woman, before using some faulty reasoning to justify jumping all the way back to some witch trials to overturn Roe?

    I think it may not be that difficult to find that they have interfered with and/or obstructed lawful government functions just like those involved with the J-6 coup attempt on our government, in fact, I think they displayed the dishonest means, deceitfulness and trickery required in the code while the other branch primarily relied on brute force to mask their trickery.

    I recall being told that the 13th amendment to the constitution ended the legal rape (breeding) of black women by those men that owned or controlled the enslaved blacks on their property. It also turned out that was the only means by which chattel slavery was legally extended after 1808 when the importation of new slaves to these shores was scheduled to end. Tell me what could be more involuntary than being forced to act as a slave production and delivery system for the majority of your childbearing years, only to watch that child be taken and sold at the whim of your rapist?

    I find it a little strange that the online version of the Congressional Record doesn’t go back beyond 1899 but for those resourceful individuals who want to explore the debates and written records concerning that period prior to 1899 I suggest you start your search with the premise that powerful forces, those determined to maintain this system of rapacious capitalism and its bastard children, racism and white supremacy, are determined to block, control, deny, impede, prevent, retar and terminate any progress you might make on your own. This is also why we must convince the legislative and executive branches that they cannot delay a day in nominating and vetting at least 50 new justices’ representative of every currently unrepresented segment of society on the court, with diverse ethnicities, sexual identifications, religious backgrounds and classes/castes. These nominees must be fully vetted and ready to take the bench in November 2022 if my suspicions are true. This overturning of Roe portends the end of this experiment in democracy as we have known it.

  16. Is there anything in the 1975-85 editions about Barbara Valentine and The Peoples’ Coop, a limited-equity cooperative? I’m writing about her for an article for the historical society.

  17. Mayor Bowser and DC council. How about not allowing those buses into DC. Stop them at the DC city line, turn them around and send them back to Texas.

  18. One of history’s most fascinating people lives in DC. At age eighty nine, James Lloydovich Patterson’s life is an incredible story of hope. In 1932, his father Lloyd traveled with Langston Hughes to Russia. He married Ukrainian born Russian artist Vera Aralova and James was born in 1933. In 1936James starred in the classic Russian film Circus. His book Chronicle of the Left Hand: An American Black Family’s Story from Slavery to Russia’s Hollywood is finally available in the US!!

  19. How do I obtain a paper copy of The Washington Informer? Does your company no longer do mail outs to residents? I am not always able to check my emails as I am a late night worker and having this paper in print copy in my hand would help tremendously. Thank you!

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