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We asked readers to vote on which quarterback they’d rather have lead their Cowboys … Tony Romo or 13 other NFL QBs. Here are the results. Romo didn’t fare too well against the 2012 NFL rookie quarterback class or this season’s Super Bowl signal callers. He started 0-5 against Joe Flacco, Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, but he went on to win eight straight against some other young guns and veteran QBs. Who says this guy can’t finish? Apparently, Cowboys fans feel they’ve got a keeper in Tony Romo. (Vernon Bryant/Staff Photographer)

NFL analyst Adam Schefter recently joined the Fitzsimmons & Durrett show on KESN-FM 103.3 ESPN Radio. Here are some highlights:

On if the Cowboys will consider trading Tony Romo:

“Before we trade him, let’s say the compensation for Tony Romo is two 1’s. I don’t think it’s that. Maybe it’s a 1 and a 3. Robert Griffin III went for basically three 1’s and a 2, and I remember having to debate with teams when the Rams were shopping that pick. Well, if you’re going to take three 1’s and a 2 for an unproven rookie before RGIII proved what he did, wouldn’t you rather trade that for someone like Tony Romo? The Cowboys may be interested in doing something like that. Carson Palmer went for a 1 and a 2 that could be a 1. Tony Romo is worth at least that. Let’s just say the market is two 1’s, who is playing quarterback for the Cowboys? Good luck with that one.”