[Digital Trends]

With the holiday season just around the corner, Apple has launched a microsite singing the praises of the iPad in an attempt to mark it out as no ordinary tablet thereby making it more attractive to gift-hunting consumers.

We’re already aware that the iPad can be used as a games machine, Web browser, image viewer, movie player, e-reader, and chopping board, but the tech giant also wants us to know that companies and organizations around the world are using it for a lot more besides.

At the top of its new minisite is the Life on iPad video that it rolled out with the launch of the iPad Air last month, a video in which we got a flavor of some of the more unusual ways in which its tablets, both big and small, are used.

In the video we get to see a man on a massive wind turbine working diligently with his iPad, a scuba diver swiping while swimming, surgeons viewing innards – it’s all there – at the end there’s even a guy stuck on the side of a mountain in a tent, with an iPad. It’s worth watching the video to the very end just to get an eyeful of this hugely spectacular shot (or just skip).