[Los Angeles Times]

Game 7 of the NBA Finals: San Antonio at Miami

Three-peat is so 1988.

The term purportedly coined by Byron Scott and definitively trademarked by Pat Riley amid the Lakers’ failed bid for a third consecutive NBA title in the late ’80s should be discarded like the faded T-shirts bearing the slogan that were once standard attire inside the Great Western Forum.

It’s time for a new Rileyism, particularly with the current team president of the Miami Heat chasing another championship to go with the ones his team won in 2012 and ’13.

In the spirit of the quest, here’s a trio of alternatives for the Heat this season:

Big Three for Three. An homage to the collective success of Heat stars LeBron JamesDwyane Wade and Chris Bosh since joining forces in 2010.

Three Down, Five to Go! A reference to James’ infamous tally of how many championships he intended to win in Miami.

Lords of the Rings: The New Trilogy. A sequel to the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy series, with presumably fewer casualties.