Dear Gwendolyn:

A year ago I met and started dating a good looking man. Girl, he was drop dead gorgeous. We met at a cookout my cousin had at her new house.  It was a sorta ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ affair.  My cousin lives in a new subdivision where most of the neighbors are recent buyers. It was a grand idea because we need to once again know our neighbors.  Back in the day, neighborhoods were like one big family.  When that stopped being the practice, gangs and other corrupts infiltrated good neighborhoods and turned them bad.

Well, so much for how we met.  This is the problem:  I really thought this good looking man was going to become my husband.  I even dreamed of having pretty little babies by him. But, guess what?  After dating for three months, he told me he was married and his wife was pregnant –   and he no longer desired my company.  But again, guess what?  I am thinking about telling his wife.  What do you think?   I am now convinced that men who look good are just too much dog in character.  I intend to marry an ugly man.


Dear Rae-Rae:

You really have your facts wrong.  Good looking men are not the only ‘dog’ characters out there.  Ugly men can be more vicious than someone with a handsome body and face.  Let me tell you this:  Before you started dating him, you should have searched his background, but no, you were too busy gloating over his looks.

Rae-Rae, think about it.  In many cases every time an ugly man looks into his mirror — he beats his wife.

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