Rev. Dr. Wendell J. Davis
Rev. Dr. Wendell J. Davis
Rev. Dr. Wendell J. Davis

by Cora Jackson-Fossett
Special to the NNPA from the Los Angeles Sentinel

‘Healing a Wounded Leader’ is the latest book by the Rev. Dr. Wendell J. Davis, pastor of New Jericho Baptist Church in Los Angeles.

Describing it as a ‘must-read’ for anyone dealing with people, he believes the message will help both leaders and their followers.

“The book deals with leaders like myself  and others who rose to prominence or success and never took the time to heal from their wounds, whether it was promiscuity, adultery, fornication, molestation, or criminal behavior. Then, we have this outburst of issues and it all results from things we never healed from,” he explained.

Dr. Davis covers a wide range of hurtful actions that leaders may have experienced in life such as divorce, verbal abuse, toxic people, psychological issues, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, addictive behavior, and unhealthy lifestyles.

“Also, there are toxic churches that have people who suffer from mental health issues who rise to positions of leadership and have behaviors that are contaminating, crippling, critical, catastrophic, negative, and dysfunctional.

“I think this book will help people already in leadership change their behavior and transform into effective leaders.  It will also help people understand what their leader or boss is going through because we fall out with people and never know that maybe they’re bi-polar or schizophrenic. I believe it will help you identify persons challenged with unresolved issues in their lives,” said Dr. Davis.

His firm belief stems from personal experience. He shared, “This book is driven on how I had to change in my life.  I married at age 19 and after five years, my wife said to me, “I can’t keep paying for what your mother did to you.”

“That was piercing to my heart because my mother was a career drug and alcoholic abuser. I was raised in that environment. The reason I didn’t have people or social skills to deal with my wife as a female was because the woman I was mad at was my mother.  I can’t curse or raise my hand to my momma, but she’s the one who hurt me and my wife was the one paying for it.”

Now married for 27 years, Dr. Davis obviously changed his behavior, then based his doctoral dissertation on transformational leadership and in turn, wrote this book.

In addition to being an author and full-time pastor, Dr. Davis is CEO of Trinity In His House Foundation Inc., a nonprofit, faith-based agency providing transitional housing for drug and alcohol recovering addicts, child care services, and a counseling school.

A graduate of Los Angeles Mission College, he received a master’s degree in Christian Counseling and Psychology from South Western Bible College and Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling from Louisiana Baptist University.

‘Healing a Wounded Leader’ is available at Word of Life Christian Bookstore,, B Dalton, Barnes & Nobles or by emailing Dr. Davis at


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