Listening to Patient's Heartbeat with Stethoscope

(Reuters Health) – Driven by an aging population and increased access to health insurance, the U.S. will need more doctors by 2025, says a new study.

The expected rise in demand varies by state and medical specialty, according to the study’s lead author.

“What’s happening at the state level can be very different than what’s happening at the national level,” Timothy Dall told Reuters Health. He is a managing director at the research and information service firm IHS in Washington, D.C.

The new study, published in Health Affairs, looks at future demands for primary and specialized healthcare providers. Those specialists include cardiologists, neurologists and urologists.

The researchers used a computer model to estimate future healthcare demand by taking into account a growing and aging population and increased access to health insurance due to the Affordable Care Act – commonly known as Obamacare.