[The Washington Post]

Sugru hacking putty

Worried about frayed wires, or sick of having to loop your headphones in a certain way to get them to the right length? Hacking putty, from Sugru, may be just what you need. This claylike substance is essentially a self-setting rubber and is perfect for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to keep all the cords for their favorite tech reinforced and in good repair.

You can fix not only weak cords but also make a little bumper for your small but fragile gadgets, use the putty to make permanent cord grips, or even use it to fix a cracked screen if you’re particularly dextrous. You can also use the putty for non-tech applications — stopping ropes and shoelaces from fraying or for custom pencil grips, but it works particularly well for gadgets. Consider it a good stocking stuffer for the techies who like to make their own solutions.

Get it: If you’re a die-hard DIY-er

Skip it: If you’re rather not get your hands dirty

Price: $10 and up