George Zimmerman’s lawyer said today he will no longer represent the man acquitted of murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin, even as police say that Zimmerman or his wife could face charges over Monday’s domestic dispute.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, made the announcement one day after Shellie Zimmerman called police to say that George had assaulted her father and threatened her, leaving her “very, very scared.”

Police said today they are still investigating the incident and that either George or his wife Shellie Zimmerman could eventually face charges.

Investigators are trying to watch video of the conflict captured on Shellie Zimmerman’s iPad, which was broken into pieces. The iPad is being looked at by forensic examiners who hope to see what happened during the conflict, police said at a news conference today.

Lake Mary police spokesman Zach Hudson said that George Zimmerman and Shellie’s father, Colin Morgan, got into an altercation in which they “put hands on each other,” although he didn’t know if they punched or shoved one another.

Shellie Zimmerman claimed in a 911 call that her husband punched her father in the nose. During the 911 call, Mrs.Zimmerman also reported that George Zimmerman had a gun on him, a claim that police later debunked, saying there was no gun found at the scene and that no one, including Shellie Zimmerman, said they had seen a weapon during the argument.


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