[CBS News]

Fifty years ago, George Raveling was a 26-year-old former college basketball star who was not only one of a quarter-million people to witness Martin Luther King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech – as a last-minute volunteer, he had a coveted spot near the podium.

“It took place right here in this designated spot,” he recalled. “As I look back now I can feel a little nervousness inside my body, a little tremor, because I certainly view it a lot differently than I did then.”

“I was to the left of Dr. King,” Raveling told Brown. “I would suggest probably seven or eight security people away.”

Just having a front-row seat to such a momentous occasion is a memory worth talking about, but George Raveling’s story really begins with what happened after the speech.

“So with the place going berserk, what did you do when he finished?” Brown asked.