Home Of The $99 Laptop: The Man Behind the Slogan

Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward-Times

Where can you find a top of the line Laptop in excellent condition for just $99?  Normally when you hear the phrase “too good to be true,” it usually is.  In this case, The Computer Superstore actually lives up to its slogan. With the technology industry constantly shifting to new eras, the consumers’ ability to keep up with the latest technology is challenging at the least. The Computer Superstore, and its’ owner, Mr. Robert Moore, are committed to providing consumers affordable solutions, and The Forward Times wanted to meet the man behind the slogan; ‘Home Of The $99 Laptop.’

This story is about the Biggest Computer Reseller and Technology Giant Ever to Come out of inner city Houston. Robert Moore has been known for many things. He grew up in the modest area of Sunnyside where he did not avoid the challenges faced by many who come from broken homes and have a long history of family troubles. He dropped out of school in the 12th Grade and decided to work the streets. Inevitably it cost him many years of his youth behind bars. Although he was doing time, Moore was not wasting time. He registered for classes and completed various courses of study including business and eventually earned his degree in theology while serving time in prison.

With that phase of his life behind him, Moore knew that he wanted to make a difference and help the community that he had grown up in. After coming home and trying several different business ventures, Moore followed up on a call to check out a line of used computers. Although he knew absolutely nothing about computers, he immediately recognized the opportunity.

Moore talked with a local distributor about being able to sell the computers to people he knew around the Houston area. He started with five computers. After calling a few friends and family members who were happy to purchase the merchandise, a technology company was born!  Moore went back to get more computers and began selling them from the trunk of his car on the corner of Almeda and Southmore. He decided that he wanted to sell them in the same neighborhood and streets that he played on as a kid.

Ridiculed and talked about, Moore continued day after day, weekend after weekend pulling up to the corner and opening his trunk for business. It didn’t take long for him to become known as the King of Laptop Computers. He received an exclusive license for the refurbished computer distribution business in Houston. Afterwards he opened the Laptop Warehouse, which is now a thriving technology business. He continued to aggressively market his top of the line refurbished computers at extremely affordable prices. The store became known as the Home of the $99 Laptop!

The ever growing technology industry did not outgrow Mr. Moore, because he currently has hundreds of laptops, computers and other electronic equipment in stock at The Computer Superstore located at 1333 South Loop West Freeway, as well as for sale worldwide over the Internet. After extensive personal study, Moore became fascinated by the opportunities for personal growth and business development that were available through technology. He encouraged others around him to expand their knowledge as well. Many of the employees at The Computer Superstore have been with Moore from the beginning. They have benefitted greatly from his investment in their education through technology certifications, learning new trades and developing their existing talents. He consistently hires individuals from the communities he serves and he believes in second and third chances. He is committed to his people, and Moore believes in sharing with others the liberating experience of technology.

Upon recognizing the high demands for technology and the growing disparity between the haves and the have nots, Moore searched for ways to help close that gap. Statistics have shown that children growing up in homes without computers are already several grade levels behind, and are ultimately less likely to get into college and to find employment. Moore made it his mission to Leave No Home Behind when it comes to technology. He decided to invest in his community’s future by making technology affordable. Moore says, “Technology puts the world at your fingertips and opens your eyes to possibilities of things you can do, places you can go, as well as who you can become. Everyone deserves to know what is available to them and it should not have to cost so much. I want to see NO HOME LEFT BEHIND without a computer and access to the power of the Internet.”

Moore has also helped countless numbers of schools and churches develop full computer labs, along with programs for computer literacy training. “When I started in this industry I knew nothing about computers or technology.” Moore stated. He continues to give back to his community and contribute to making technology accessible for all people every day. It was this mission that led Moore to embark on a journey that took him across the world to China to develop his very own line of technology that he could bring back to The Computer Superstore to sell as state of the art equipment at affordable prices. He has taken on the technology industry to help close the gap created by companies that have accelerated the cost of technology as fast as or faster than its development.

Moore, along with several other partners developed ICON TECHNOLOGY – a full line of brand new equipment that is as competitive and advanced as the popular brands purchased around the world. Moore continues to expand the ICON line to include pads, tablets, laptops, and even GPS systems that can double as gaming devices, offering something for every level of technology user, from beginners to techies. Moore did not stop there… He eventually branched out into radio with Emilian White of KCOH and developed a talk show called Moore to Life which features segments on other pillars from the community like himself, including Michael Harris, Wash Allen and Ralph Cooper to name a few. ICON Technology launched its exclusive product line at The Computer Superstore in May 2012, and was well celebrated.

Mr. Moore expresses his appreciation to GOD and to those who have helped support The Computer Superstore. I recognize that I could have been anywhere in life right now. My life could have been cut short in the streets of Sunnyside, but instead I was spared. I took a journey to CHINA that produced technology that will change lives in this community, just as technology has changed mine.”