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A day after her show-stopping national anthem performance at President Obama’s second inauguration, the debate rages on over whether Beyoncé lip-synched the whole thing.

But, given just how pervasive lip-synching is in the world of pop music, and how big of a scale the inauguration is, it wouldn’t be too surprising if Beyoncé opted for the pre-recorded version. In fact, all the talk got us here at MTV News thinking about all the other famous lip-synched performances. We’ve rounded up some of the more memorable ones, including moments from other divas like Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson.

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The Gold Standard
Whitney Houston’s 1991 Super Bowl performance has always been the go-to for “Star-Spangled” perfection. But, Beyoncé should take solace in knowing that even the late, great diva lip-synched her rendition of the national anthem.