[E! Online]

Kerry Washington is pregnant. Which is not so scandalous on account of she’s a married woman and there have been rumors swirling for months that she might maybe is probably pregnant.

Olivia Pope may or may not be pregnant. Sources say it’s “unlikely” Kerry’s pregnancy will be written into Scandal and, in our humble opinion, that’s the best route: It may slow things down a bit if Olivia has to stop and pump between yelling at someone at the White House and yelling at someone at Pope & Associates.

But Burberry coats and designer handbags can only cover a bump so long before it’s superdistracting. And if Olivia Pope is pregnant, that’s going to be scandalous as hell—exactlyhow scandalous depends on who the baby’s daddy would be:

President Fitzgerald Grant: If Olivia is going to be with child, this is the most likely candidate: Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) turns one of the duo’s late night “Hi.” “Hi.” “Hi…” “…Hi.” conversations into an Oval Office booty call and—uh oh!—he’s all out of presidential condoms.