[Black Enterprise]

Hampton University graduate Jacqui Carpenter was recently named the new commissioner of the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), the largest athletic conference for African-Americans. The HU alum is the first woman to be named commissioner in the CIAA since its inception.

Thrilled to be leading the 101-year-old organization, and setting a historic and career milestone, Carpenter wasn’t shy to express her sentiment.

“I’ve been mesmerized by the growth of the conference,” says the CIAA’s top lady. “I’ve seen a lot of great people come through here, and when we say ‘CIAA for Life,’ we mean it. Whether you are a member of a CIAA member school, or a former member school, or of a school that isn’t even an HBCU, there’s an appeal about the CIAA that resonates with people.”