[Chicago Sun-Times]

WASHINGTON — Jesse Jackson Jr. wants to serve his time first if he and wife Sandi are sent to prison, with the request on Monday coming as prosecutors said the couple does not deserve any sentencing breaks because of the “good works” they did while elected officials.

U.S. District Court Judge Ann Berman Jackson — no relation — will sentence Jesse Jackson Jr., a former member of Congress, and Sandi Jackson, a former Chicago alderman, on July 3. The couple pleaded guilty in February to looting their campaign funds of $750,000 over seven years. Sandi Jackson also faced income tax evasion charges.

After the extravagant spending spree, the couple is broke, their lawyers told the court.

Lawyers for both Jacksons, in asking for leniency, argued in memos filed on June 7 — supplemented with letters from constituents — that they were worthy of shorter sentences because of all the “good works” they did while in public office.