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The NBA star reportedly made pit stops at two local eateries while out in Los Angeles on Monday night. When asked about if he’d been in contact with Kardashian, Odom laughed saying ‘of course.’

NBA star Lamar Odom resurfaced Monday night in downtown Los Angeles and stopped by two local eateries.

The apparently elusive Lamar Odom resurfaced late Monday night — he was seen walking around Los Angeles with a male friend.

Sporting a noticeably gaunt figure, the basketball star —  whose recent troubles include a DUI arrest and quick rehab stint for an alleged cocaine addiction —  was seen making a quick stop at a sushi restaurant and convenience store downtown.

Kardashian previously said that she isn’t ‘made of steel,’ though she has been putting on a brave face — and still sporting her wedding ring —  in public lately.

Khloe Kardashian‘s estranged husband, 33, stopped at Wokcano restaurant, but didn’t sit down to eat, a server at the sushi spot told Us Weekly.