My Retirement PlanSM Available to the Public on WellsFargo.com

Online Savings Tool Provides a Tailored Realistic Savings Goal

CHARLOTTE, NC, August 19, 2013 –Wells Fargo today announced that My Retirement PlanSM, an online savings tool, is now available to the general public on wellsfargo.com.  My Retirement Plan can be accessed by customers and noncustomers by visiting wellsfargo.com/myretirementplan. Online Wells Fargo banking customers who sign in can create a plan they can save, manage and update at any time.

My Retirement Plan helps to address questions like “How much should I be saving for retirement?” and “Am I on track with my retirement savings?” The tool calculates a monthly amount to save for retirement and a potential monthly income in retirement if the plan is followed, and provides manageable steps customers can take to get closer to their retirement goals.  The tool relies on a distinctive methodology using government data for calculating a user’s retirement income need and how much should be saved each month.

“In line with our goal for every customer to have a plan, we are pleased to offer My Retirement Plan to everyone because it helps people create a plan for saving and provides manageable steps to reaching that goal,” said Karen Wimbish, director of Retail Retirement at Wells Fargo.

My Retirement Plan prompts users to provide some information about their retirement goals and current situation.  Then it calculates a recommended plan and shows a suggested savings rate as a percentage of the user’s income.  It also shows an estimated monthly income the user could receive in retirement.  If there is a retirement savings gap, an ‘Ease into Savings’ option allows users to adjust and create a plan for savings that fits their financial situation. For customers, My Retirement Plan is savable and can be adjusted at any time online.

Watch a video on My Retirement Plan – http://www.wellsfargomedia.com/wbr/731104/index.html (Time: 1:54)

For help understanding how to prepare for and live in retirement, visit Wells Fargo’s retirement site at https://www.wellsfargo.com/investing/retirement/.

The My Retirement Plan tool provides an estimate for planning purposes and results are not guaranteed.