Paige: Epic Collapse by Broncos vs. Patriots a Tough Loss to Swallow

[The Denver Post]

Peyton Manning

FOXBRRR, Mass. — On a bitter Sunday night in New England, the Broncos lost in a game that forever will be known in lore as The Frozen Blunder.

The Broncos lost a 24-0 lead.

The Broncos lost three fumbles.

The Broncos looked lost in the second half.

The Broncos lost a chance to win with a field goal in overtime.

The Broncos lost what could be a tie, which probably would have been as a good as a victory.

The Broncos lost when Tony Carter inadvertently let a punt hit him late in the extra period.

The Broncos lost again in a game that went beyond regulation. Remember last January in a similar game in freezing temperatures?

The Broncos lost to the Patriots, 34-31, with 1:56 remaining in OT.


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