[Washington Post]

Their dad is tired of talking about them. The brothers are so tired of the topic they have decided to hold a joint news conference in New Orleans this week, after which they hope everyone will shut up about it. Everyone, save a high school classmate or two, wants to play the game already.Yes, only a week left, America, of Prelude to the Harbowl.

And yet, after the same regurgitated anecdote about Jim and John Harbaugh once putting a line of yellow “Do Not Cross” tape in the middle of the room they shared as combative adolescents is told 100 times too many, Jim’s 49ers and John’s Ravens facing off in the Super Bowl on Sunday must be considered among the greatest sibling feats in sports history.Consider there are roughly 16,000 high schools in the United States that field football teams, about 625 four-year universities that compete in the sport and 32NFL teams.

So, of the approximately 16,660 head coaches at the game’s three highest levels, two teams coached by brothers managed to advance to the biggest game on the planet.