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Busbee: TIGER’S BACK TIGER’S BACK OH THANK YOU HEAVEN TIGER’S BA- all right, enough. Woods played exceptionally well in notching his 75th career Tour victory on Sunday. The easy storyline is that he’s “back,” but let’s dig a little deeper than that, shall we? Woods is obviously playing better than he has in years, but does that, to your mind, constitute “back”?

Bacon: I think 2012 gave us the narrative that Tiger is “back.” Three wins was pretty salty, but for some reason this win felt different. He rolled over the field without much fight back from the contenders (seriously, did ANYONE make a push on Sunday/Monday?), and while he did “stumble” on the way in, he still won by four. I think that four wins since March of last year shows that he CAN win again in bunches, and I think that’ll happen this year. With the momentum of a win in your first start on tour has to be a recipe for that huge year we’ve been waiting for from Tiger, isn’t it?