Lyndia Grant
Lyndia Grant
Lyndia Grant

by Lyndia Grant
Special to the NNPA from The Washington Informer

How many times have we heard this scripture “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you?” Matthew: 7:7.

The intent of this column is to share a very important lesson with readers about the power of prayer. We all set goals, and put forth the effort toward obtaining them; yet they often appear to be out-of-reach.

Let’s connect the dots. Recently, I talked about the value of sowing and reaping. This week, let’s focus on finding what it is you’re looking for — what it is you’re actually seeking. Scripture says, “seek and ye shall find.”

This principle, however, is reserved only for those who have continuously planted, and you’re now ready to reap the rewards that you’ve sown.

But did you ask, seek and knock or are you only thinking about those wonderful dreams of yours someday becoming a reality. Stop right there. You’ve got to ask through your prayers. No one has the ability to read minds, except our Heavenly Father. Each day, as we move toward our goals, those things we see a substantial need for, and we wish and hope for on a daily basis; here’s where this principle comes into play. Ask!

Those of you like myself, who’ve worked to help others, given and continue to give in your communities and in your churches; you’ve done good deeds for your family, yet you can’t seem to wrap your head around what it is you want.

Picture this: a farmer is planting hundreds of acres of crop. He tends the soil until it’s ready to produce an outstanding crop. Now, that the crop is ready for harvest, he sits down, and says “I’m done.” Does nothing else, and expects to reap his rewards. Nope!

That’s not how it’s done. The farmer has got to now execute his dream by working his harvest. He’s got to go out there and get every leaf from the tobacco stalk; he’s got to pull every ear of corn from the thousands of stalks of corn ready for harvest throughout his acres with men or machines, but he’s got to harvest his crops.

What if he sits there and does nothing, what do you think will happen? He’ll lose his rewards. His crops could produce more money than he can spend. But load after load must be harvested first. He’s got to go out to his fields and bring in his money. He and his crew must work and take the harvest to market to collect the rewards his crops have generated. It’s a process – there’s no getting around it.

Does that remind you of your own dream? Can this help you by reminding you how much you must do in order to reap the rewards that you so richly deserve? Helping others has earned you enough to last the rest of your life. Don’t allow your rewards to die on the vine!

It’s time for you to get busy asking everyone you know or come in contact with, if they can use your services; it’s time to seek those companies or persons who need what you have to offer; and it’s time for you to knock on every door.

This is an epiphany even for me! I was listening to one of my motivational speakers, the late Jim Rohn, and though I have listened to that 4-hour video numerous times, on this particular day, I heard Mr. Rohn state clearly, that “finding is reserved only for those who seek.” It’s unlikely that someone will find what they’re not looking for. This is a simple message, but I pray it will be a blessing to you, as it was to me.

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Lyndia Grant

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